[Sca-cooks] crepes

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Mon Sep 20 06:36:33 PDT 2010

> Stefan quoted and wrote:
>  >The one from Le Menagier de Paris says:
> <<< CREPES. Take flour and mix with eggs both yolks and whites, but 
>  >throw out the germ... >>>
>  >What does the "throw out the germ" mean here?
> Since I get the digest, someone's probably answered, but I think it's 
> the little firm, whitish bit that you find in the egg white.  It doesn't 
> melt or go away and would make a small lumpy bit in an otherwise flat crepe.

I believe that's the chalaza (that looks wrong, but it's close).  I 
suspect this is a case of describing something, then at the end adding 
in a "oh yeah, and this bit more about stuff from the beginning."  In 
other words, I would have assumed that the "throw out the germ" meant to 
sieve the flour to get out the bran/germ/husk and keep only the finest part.


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