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  On 21/09/2010 1:56 AM, Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote
> It was my understanding that among Christian Russians, when you say "blini" what is usually meant is a small, yeast-and-egg-raised buckwheat pancake, often served with sour cream, melted butter, and caviar, and not filled before serving...

Ah... apparently, those are considered very old-fashioned.  The more 
usual blini/blintz these days is is yeast-and-egg with wheat flour and 
cooked like a crepe.  I can't afford caviar, but they're pretty good 
filled with salmon and creme fraiche.

(Source: I have this Russian friend who really is far too thin, and 
although my Russian cooking is probably not as good as her mother's, 
mine doesn't come with a guilt trip.  Her only regret is that I keep 
calling my varenyky pierogi.)

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