[Sca-cooks] Feeding the cat was Crepes

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Not related to crepes or omelets but funny cat story.
My brother came to live with me for a short while. One of our favorite snacks was brie cheese and fresh french sour dough bread. On occasions we would open a bottle of wine. One morning he came rushing in my room, waking me up, in near panic. "Wake up! Call the exterminator! We have rats! One just ate a huge whole in our bread!" I stumbled into the kitchen to find my beloved little Bella (she was 8 lbs) happily chewing on a piece of crust. I picked up my "rat" and informed my brother he needed to keep the bread in the bread box or fridge from now on. That cat could eat a fist size whole in a loaf of sourdough french bread. Didn't bother any other bread.
I miss her.
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  On 21/09/2010 5:26 AM, Saint Phlip wrote:
> Never made crepes, but have often made omelets. I had always figured
> the first omelet was wonky because I was out of practice.


All my omelets are wonky.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm just 
terrible at it, or simply a function of the fact I like them quite 

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