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Not many mentions and both of the first suggest salads.

The herball or Generall historie of plantes. Gathered by Iohn Gerarde  
of London Master in Chirurgerie very much enlarged and amended by  
Thomas Iohnson citizen and apothecarye of London.
by Gerard, John, 1545-1612. 1633

The Vertues.
The roots are especially vsed in sallads, being boiled and eaten with  
oile, vineger, and pepper. Some affirme, that the decoction of the  
roots are good for all inflammations of the mouth, and Almonds of the  
throte, and other diseases happening in the mouth and throte...

Rapunculus saxatilis, sive  alter. Rocke Rampion   The Place.
The first is sowne and set in Gardens, especially because the rootes  
are eaten in Sallads. The second groweth in woods and shadowie places,  
in fat and clayie soiles.


earlier mention:

Rapum Agreste, Rampions.
THe seede of Rampions is abstersiue, and mixed with the flower of the  
Lupyne, or Wheate, or Tare doth clense the Face and the rest of the  
body: the roote is commonly vsed in sallettes, more of vse than of  
sufficient Aucthority.

Approoved medicines and cordiall receiptes with the natures,  
qualities, and operations of sundry samples. Very commodious and  
expedient for all that are studious of such knowledge.
Newton, Thomas, 1542?-1607.  1580 edition

The gentlemans recreation in two parts : the first being an  
encyclopedy of the arts and sciences .
Blome, Richard, d. 1705. from an edition published in 1686.

The section is titled:

Seeds necessary for the Kitchin.
These Seeds I shall divide into four several Heads, viz. Sallad Seeds,  
Pot-herb Seeds, sweet-herb Seeds, and Phisical Seeds.

SALLAT SEEDS are Radishes, which are of Four sorts, viz. London,  
Sandwich, Black spanish, and White spanish Radish. LETTVCE, viz. the  
Curld, the Red, the Rose, the Savoy, the Roman, the Lombar, and the  
Cabage. SPINAGE the round and the prickly. The White, the Red and the  
Roman Beet, Sampier, Berry-bearing Orach, Italian Selleree, Foenochio  
Rocket Spanish Rocket. Rampion, Hartshorn, Taragon, French Sor|el,  
Candy Sorel, Cardoon, Indian Cresses, Garden Cersses, Broad leaved  
Cresses, and Curled Cresses, Chervil, sweet Chervit, Purslane, golden  
Purslane, Parsley, curld Parsley, Alisander, &c.

POT-HERB SEEDS, Endive, Succory, Borage, Bugloss, Burnet, Bludwort,  
Clary, Sorrel, Marygold, Pot Marjoram, Summer Savory, Colombine,  
Tansey, Nep, French Mallows, &c.

SWEET-HERBS SEEDS are Thyme, Hy|sop, Winter Savory, sweet Marjoram,  
sweet Basil, Rosemary, Lavender, Baum, Fennel, &c.

PHISICAL SEEDS are Carduus-bene|dictus, Scurvy-grass, Angelica,  
Lovage, Smallage, Dill, Caruway, Cumin, Anise, Coriander, Gromil,  
Henbane, Flea, Foenugreek, Rubarb, Burdeck, Ele|campane, Balsam, white  
Poppy, Cardemum, Gourd, Citrul, Wormseed, Wormwood, Rue, Oculus  
Christi, Line, Marsh-Mallows, &c. pages 221-222


On Sep 20, 2010, at 5:51 PM, Ian Kusz wrote:

> so, no one knows of recipes for Campanulaceae, or rampion?  Huh.  Even
> Wikipedia mentions their cultivation, but no specifics on how eaten?

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