[Sca-cooks] Subject: camp cooking suggestions and tip

Haraldr Bassi sca-cooks-l at drakkar.org
Tue Aug 30 15:04:07 PDT 2011

On 8/30/11 4:13 PM, Cat . wrote:
> Thanks to all the replies so far (on and off list)

> and finally large groups (this is where the seal a meal is your friend!!!)

Actually, it is just as effective, if not more effective, for small camps as well. It is quite 
simple to save things in 1 or 2 serving sizes and you grab one or two bags depending on how many 
bodies are eating that particular meal. You can also go direct to single servings and not even 
have to get a serving bowl dirty and everyone gets their favorite meal. Just do the initial 
freezing in smaller plastic containers than you would use for larger serving sizes and you are 
more likely to use the 8" wide roll or 1qt bags instead of the larger.

Don't forget about period Andelusian recipe for "Eggs in a Jar" which, given the cost of glass 
these days, we make the reasonable substitution of using a 1Qt freezer ziplock bag. Same boil 
bag method, just assembled on-site. Good effective breakfast food for people who need some 
protein in the morning.

Haraldr Bassi

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