[Sca-cooks] a Viking-challenge?

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As someone with lots of food restrictions, including both sugar and Splenda,
I would opt for the suggestions of a platter with various options, allowing
the diners to assemble their own.  Tailoring the entire dish for one
person's fat restrictions and two other's sugar issues doesn't make as much
sense as putting individual ingredients on a nicely arranged platter and
letting them take whatever appeals to them.  It also should make it easier
on you to bring the ingredients and make a nice presentation with them,
rather than trying to make substitutions and come up with one dish to please
them all.  

(I just found out about my issue with Splenda, although I've known to avoid
Nutrasweet since it was first introduced and caused severe reactions for me.
I just found a doctor that would do an ALCAT test, which was very
interesting and helpful!)

My other question is: when is this event?  Berries are a summertime food...

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I've been asked to provide a dessert for a Viking feast (really, just a
small gathering of reenactors) that features berries but is low on sugar
since a few of the guys are diabetic. That's not so rough, but they've
thrown in "and it needs to be low on fat, as one guy has trouble with fatty
foods" so that kinda kicked any thoughts of a fried-pie sort of thing out of
my head. Or a simple 'snow' or heavy cream mixed with berries.

Does anyone have a suggestion? I'd like to keep it as simple as I can since
whatever I bring, the guys will assume that it is as close to period-correct
as can be (saving that I plan on using Splenda should I need to sweeten

I'm rather down to thinking that a soft goat's cheese mixed with crushed
berries is going to be the way to go. How boring for their festive occasion.
(They only do this once a year.)

Hrothny, totally too stressed to be creative or wing it from her "available
foodstuffs of the early Norse" lists.

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