[Sca-cooks] a Viking-challenge?

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Sun Dec 11 08:37:40 PST 2011

> My other question is: when is this event?  Berries are a summertime
> Christianna

It's next Saturday (I've been brain-beating for a couple of weeks, you see)
but our local stores still have blackberries and raspberries. The group
isn't concerned about seasonal foods - I'm still getting them past "just put
everything in a pot together and call it stew. What do you mean we can't
have potatoes?" so I wasn't going to try to wean them towards what would be
seasonally appropriate. Although I have seen blackberries still growing in
late autumn snow (huh. I'd forgotten that.).

The feast is supposed to be correct-to-period, but my bet is that the host,
who is doing the cooking with his non-reenactment wife, is going to be
serving 'traditional Norse' foods. These guys are well trained as Norse
fighters, but research is not their strong suit, however hospitality sure
is! So I was trying to think of something I could transport 5 1/2 hours that
wouldn't require cooking onsite as I'm sure their kitchen is going to be
off-limits and still would be something that would make the guys all say,
"hey, I like that. Is that what we could eat during demos?" 

I had been thinking about creating some sort of small hearth-cake with a
hollow filled with berries and cream available on the side for drowning it.
And if I could make the small cake semi-sweet, that would be good. But I've
gotten a medical kick in the teeth and will be in the hospital for a
procedure on Tuesday (ever have your lungs flooded & then vacuumed? Me
either. I'm a little freaked.) so looking over Jacqui Wood's recipes isn't
helping me. My mind is just plain elsewhere. That's why I gave up and
thought I'd ask for help.


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