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I see  someone else has already replied with what sous-vide is.
The commercial grade water bath means it will hold temperature within a
degree or two that's what Williams-Sonoma are.  I have been corrected - we
have a laboratory grade bath that is accurate to a 10th of a degree.
There are immersion heaters and water baths - they are similar but
different.  The immersion circulator requires you to supply the container -
letting you change the size if needed.  The waterbath is all in one but is
often more efficient because it is insulated.

The food is vacuum sealed and any food sealer will do.  We have an older
model food saver that works just fine.

The advantage of sous vide is you can cook at a consistent lower
temperature and the fat doesn't melt out but the connective tissue breaks

This is how some restaurant prep their steaks - they are cooked sous vide
to the correct internal temperature and then just seared to finish them as
they are ordered.

The "red neck" version of sous vide:
Get a large cooler, fill with water 10 degrees higher than the temperature
you want, package your food in zip lock bags - suck the air out with a
straw.  Put the sealed food in the cooler - add hot water to maintain
temperature and you're good!


On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 8:46 PM, Stefan li Rous
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> Shoshanah said:
> <<< We use our Big Green Egg to smoke things.  We bought my husband
> theModernist Cuisine for his birthday and he's been having fun with it.
>  Wehave a commercial grade water bath so he's been making 48 hour ribs.
>  Smokethe ribs for 7-8 hours and then sous-vide them for 48.  Yum Yum!  He
> makesthe vinegar sauce because that's what I like.  He's made the 72
> hourbrisket too.  Modernist Cuisine seems to lean heavily on sous-vide but
> helike doing it and the food comes out really nicely. >>>
> What is a commercial grade water bath and how do you use it in making
> ribs?  And what do you mean by "sous-vide"?
> Thanks,
>   Stefan
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