[Sca-cooks] dry milk

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Thu Jun 9 07:21:15 PDT 2011

Nonfat dry milk is skim milk that has been dehydrated to powder.  Whole milk 
and 2% are also converted to powder, but you will find them more commonly in 
commercial uses such as baking (look for whole milk solids in the 
ingredients .  The greater the fat content of the powder, the more likely it 
is to go rancid.

Filled milk is skim milk with non-dairy fats (usually vegetable oil) added 
back in and dehydrated to form evaporated milk.


> Arianwen ferch Arthur said:
> <<< (I know I get it here in UK at the commissary, and I almost never  not 
> have some (and I have never noticed that non fat dried gets rancid 
> either...) >>>
> Is there some reason that "dried milk" is always the non-fat kind?  Dried 
> milk seems ah "lacking". I'm not sure whether it is really the  drying 
> process or the fact that they start with fat-free milk in the  first 
> place, which is already a bit laking in taste and texture. Would  full 
> fat, or even 2% milk go bad if you dried it? Or is it just that   > 
> they're removing the fat to sell at a higher price elsewhere?
> <<< (I grew up learning about filled milk, and even drank some in the 
> 80's in Japan, although my Home Ec textbooks no longer mentioned it  while 
> teaching there) >>>
> Is this a mis-typing? or is there really a "filled milk"? If so, what  is 
> it?
> Stefan

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