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Yup- she's a regular on the Mediev-L list. If you dig around and browse 
through, she's got some amazing stuff. Interface is a bit clunky, but 
worth it.


On 6/20/2011 7:45 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> I seem to remember that there were several people on this list 
> interested in Merovingian France?  Mistress Liutgard, perhaps?  
> Anyway, since there is little enough info from then, and very few 
> surviving garments, I thought I'd pass on this from the Lochac list.
> Stefan
> Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2011 23:44:49 +1000
> From: "Tig" <tig at fastmail.com.au>
> Subject: [Lochac] Tunic of Balthild & Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and
>     more
> To: "Shambles" <lochac at lochac.sca.org>
> I know there are a few Merovingian fans in Lochac who will enjoy these
> images.
> Whilst at Genevra Kornbluth's photography site, take a look in the
> historical archive.  She takes extraordinarily wonderful photos on a
> wide range of historical luxury items.  Tapestries, jewellery, seals
> etc.  Enjoy!
> - Tig
> ---------------------------------------
> Some amazing photos of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in
> Ravenna -
> http://www.kornbluthphoto.com/GallaPlacidia.html
> In addition to the standard views, you will find such oddities as the
> little golden men enmeshed in vines, and the lintel with panthers and
> kantharos.
> The 7th century Tunic of Balthild in Chelles (for those who do
> not study the early medieval period, a unique Merovingian survival):
> http://www.kornbluthphoto.com/TunicBalthild.html
> --both an overall view and several details of the embroidery.
> Incidentally, I have recently read an interesting article on the
> Tunic: Carsten Juwig, "Die Gewandreliquie der heiligen Balthilde.
> ?berlegungen zu ihrem Bildstatus und Funktionskontext," in Carsten
> Juwig and Catrin Kost, ed., Bilder in der Archa?ologie - eine
> Archa?ologie der Bilder? (M?nster 2010), 197-222.

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