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[regarding Granado's turkey recipes]

> I don't think I have those. Have they been translated?
> Juana Isabella

I translated at least one of them, the stewed turkey for invalids.  It's in
the turkeys file in the Florilegium, and my message is from 2000.  I've
copied it below.  As you can see, the base recipe is for partridge or
pheasant, and at the very end, the author says that it can also be made with
"pollos de las indias".

*Para sudar, y estufar perdizes, y faysanes*
To sweat, and to stew partridges and pheasants

Take the pheasant, or the partridge, which should not be old or rancid, and
clean their insides, cutting off the head, and the feet, and pass it through
boiling water, or through the coals; take a copper pot, well tinned, or of
glazed earthenware, with a bone from a calf or cow made into pieces, which
has marrow, which is done to give it flavor; put in enough water to cover it
three fingers deep, with a splinter of whole cinnamon, and a good deal of
salt, and a few pieces of quince, and prunes, and dried cherries; and make
it boil with the cover very well sealed, but before sealing it, you can put
in half a cup of wine of San Martin, or another which is good, with a little
vinegar, and sugar, all according to the order which the doctor directs, and
cook it over the coals, far from the flames.  In this manner you can also
cook the pullet of the Indies, and our ordinary pullets, and any good bird.

Diego Granado, 1599, *Libro del arte de cozina*.
Translation by Robin Carroll-Mann

I think the pie recipe is the same as the one that Mistress Helwyse posted
from Scappi.  If not, I'll be glad to dash off a translation.

Brighid ni Chiarain

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