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<<< May I present you with Gwen Cat's translation of 20 pre-1600 turkey recipes
from Rumpolt (1581) so you don't have to do "turkey in the style of" or "so
& such made with turkey."


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 10:08:49 -0600 (MDT)

From: grasse at mscd.edu (Martina Grasse)

Subject: SC - Rumpolt's turkeys >>>

This message and others on period turkeys can be found in this Florilegium file in the FOOD-MAETS section:
turkeys-msg (76K) 1/16/08 Use of turkeys in Renaissance Europe.

And just in case others have had trouble by getting extra blank lines inserted when you pasted from a Word document into an email message, you can solve that problem by first pasting the portion from the Word document into a regular text editor (on the Mac, I use TextEdit) first, then doing a "select all" and copy and paste it into your email message.

Microsoft has apparently started adding additional 'invisible' characters after carriage returns. Pasting into a text editor eliminates these problem characters. Often much easier than deleting all those extra line characters by hand. Thank you, Microsoft. :-(

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