[Sca-cooks] lard

Kathleen Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Fri Mar 4 12:20:39 PST 2011

>>> <yaini0625 at yahoo.com> 3/4/2011 1:10 PM >>>
I have seen Lard O'Buckets in many of the Hispanic cooking sections of the grocery stores.  

I saw a 5 gallon sized bucket of it at Shamrock Foods retail store the other day.  Kinda spooky.
Shamrock is usually a wholesale restaurant place, but they just opened a store to the public with no membership cards, just walk in and buy.   Connor delivers their boxes of herbs from the airport to the wholesale place, and found out about the retail.  It was cool.... equipment, catering supplies, paper goods, all kinds of things in regular, family, and restaurant sizes.  I am still lusting after that quart-ish size jar of capers for $8.

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