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My librarian husband asked me to forward this from the Ex Libris list.  

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Posting on behalf of the bookstore. Please reply directly to Celia Sack.

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Rare Cookbooks Stolen
The following eight rare cookbooks were stolen sometime between Monday, Aug 20th and Tuesday, Aug 21st, 2012, from the Castro neighborhood (Douglass St.) of San Francisco, CA:
Almanach des Gourmands 1805
The Honours of the Table 1791
The American Frugal Housewife 1836
The Cook’s and Housewife’s Manual 1826
The Cook’s Oracle 1827
A Complete System of Cookery 1816
The London Art of Cookery 1804
Note: Most of the volumes are in clamshell cloth boxes (earth tones).
If you have any information on these items please contact Celia Sack at (415) 282-4712.
Wendolyn Vermeer
Metadata Librarian
Cal Poly Pomona University Library
3801 W. Temple Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768
909-869-3103 (fax)
wcvermeer at csupomona.edu

Nina Schneider

nschneider at humnet.ucla.edu 		 	   		  

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