[Sca-cooks] eating cinnamon

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Thu Jan 26 23:45:06 PST 2012

>and tell her of the difference between cinnamon & cassavia (which is 
>what is sold as cinnamon on US shelves -- other names Chinese 
>Cinnamon is Cassavia, anyone got the sceintific names?)

Do you mean Cassia which is Cinnamomum aromaticum.

Per Wikipedia:
A number of species are often sold as cinnamon:
   Cinnamomum verum ("True cinnamon", Sri Lanka cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon)
   C. burmannii (Korintje or Indonesian cinnamon)
   C. loureiroi (Saigon cinnamon or Vietnamese cinnamon)
   C. aromaticum (Cassia or Chinese cinnamon)


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