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<<< and tell her of the difference between cinnamon & cassavia (which  
is what is sold as cinnamon on US shelves -- other names Chinese  
Cinnamon is Cassavia, anyone got the sceintific names?)

Arianwen ferch Arthur >>>

I thought it was cassia, not cassavia.

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Cinnamon-Vari-art  (9K) 12/29/99  "Cinnamon Varieties" by Francesco  

Taking a spoonful of cinnamon directly can be done, although I found  
it easier to mix it into something else I was eating or drinking, such  
as apple juice or on a cereal. Shortly after the reports started  
circulating about cinnamon helping in Type 2 diabetics, they started  
producing cinnamon in capsules, which are much easier to take.  
Although I'm a type 1 diabetic, I tried cinnamon a while just to see  
if it would help. I don't know if it is possible to get type 2  
diabetes if you already have type 1, or not, but I figured a bit of  
cinnamon probably couldn't hurt.

I had the same question as Bear did about whether the medical tests  
were referring to true cinnamon or cassia or both.  Thanks for the  
answer, Bear.


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