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Fri Jan 27 13:07:02 PST 2012

Yes, You do not want to take a spoonful cinnamon, any size, by itself. The
powder will cling and grab whatever moisture is in your mouth and throat
leading to the possibility of nearly choking. Cinnamon, Ceylon and to a
lesser extent Cassia, have been found to lower sugar levels in diabetics.
Chromium Picolinate does this as well. Side effects if taking tablet form
can be burping cinnamon for about an hour. Also constipation if to much is
taken in tablet form. It is recommended by those that I know are diabetic
that it is better to take the CP in tablet form and cinnamon on food.


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This is really off topic, but a student wrote a short script for a video
class where she has a contest of people trying to eat a spoonful of cinnamon
to win (unknown prize --unknown size of spoonful too)

so has anyone any experience eating a spoonful of cinnamon?

Arianwen ferch Arthur

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