[Sca-cooks] Salt corrosion of pots?

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sun Jan 13 10:14:01 PST 2013

I think the problem is that your pot was unglazed. 


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On Jan 12, 2013, at 8:44 PM, Galefridus Peregrinus <galefridus at optimum.net> wrote:

> I have a couple of Pomaireware unglazed clay pots (http://pomaireware.com/clay-cookware/) that I use with some regularity. Most recently I used one to brine cure a few pounds of olives. Over the course of the cure (about 3 months), the brine solution soaked through the pot; in fact, the outside of the pot became encrusted with salt as the brine dried.
> A couple of days ago, I transferred the olives to another container. As I was cleaning the pot, I noticed several places where the clay had corroded: it had become soft and crumbly. I didn't think that fired clay pots would be affected by salt in this way. I'm no ceramicist, but isn't fired clay just fused silica, which is extremely inert?
> I'd be interested in hearing whether anyone else has had this problem.

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