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For what it's worth, Anthimus writes: "A bird which is  called bustard is 
good, but I think is not to be had  here." 'Here' would have been 
northeastern Gaul; his familiarity with the bird  would have been from Byzantium, his 
home country. (Though in fact it seems the  bustard does exist in France 
today and probably did then as  well.)
Jim  Chevallier

Newly translated from Pierre Jean-Baptiste  Le Grand d'Aussy:
Eggs, Cheese and Butter in Old Regime France  

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However,  I had no idea they had four
bustard birds in Russia! Any of them still  around, or are they extinct too?
Thank you Ian for clearing up that a  teter(ev) is a grouse. Bear, what is
your source for the different  bustards? I am interested in learning more
about  them.

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