[Sca-cooks] Rude and Barbarous Kingdom

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Wed Jan 16 18:02:06 PST 2013

New World Turkeys appear in Campi's Fowl seller. I will have to look up the
date but I believe it is mid 1500s.
>From an old NPR, in Russia the turkey is called Injushka "bird of India"
There is a very slim possibility that it is a turkey via India.

Grouse (all are listed as medium sized birds but they dwell in forests.
The siberian grouse.

Of the pheasants
Ring-neck pheasant.

The great bustard is not colorful as thier pheasant. Breeds and lives in
grassland areas.
The Houbara Bustard is small to medium in size and quite dull in color. It
is a desert/arid land breeding bird and is not known to wander far from
their territory. Found in N. Africa, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan,
China.... I don't know why the list of Russian birds list this one as other
sources do not.
MacQueen's Bustard are wanderers and are from southwestern Asia but some are
said to have wandered to Europe. It is lighter color then the Houbara.

Little Bustard breed in grasslands.

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