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Jim  Chevallier asked:
<<< Hmmm..... What kind of person might have a recipe for swan? Wherever would  
one find such a person? >>>

Hmmm. Did you think to look in the Florilegium?
The easiest way is to use the search engine on the site. Although, for some unknown reason it doesn't seem to work anymore simply clicking on the link, but opening the search engine in a new window does work. This finds a number of matches, including in this file:
exotic-meats-msg (108K) 5/ 6/12 Period and SCA exotic meats. Swans, ostrich,
crawfish, dormice, cat.

A quick search in this file finds:
"Harleian 4016 (c. 1450) has 2 recipes for swan. One is simply a whole swan
roasted, the other is a dish of entrails. There is also an allusion to
pudding of swan's neck in the feast menus.

"At coronet in 1996, when Ynys Fawr hosted the event, we served swan to the
high table. We just roasted it. I wasn't in the kitchen for that evening,
so I don't know much about how they prepared it other than what the
finished product was like. IIRC the meat had a silvery sort of sheen and
was not very tasty. Besides, the paperwork involved in getting permission
to kill a couple was long and tiresome, despite the fact that we have them
in plague proportions here in the South of Tasmania.
It was a good experiment, but not one that we would care to repeat in a
hurry. IMO Swans are certainly not worth the effort involved in the legal
work. Stick with other game birds instead.
- -Sianan"

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