[Sca-cooks] Swan recipes

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Mon Jan 21 16:22:40 PST 2013

Rumpolt Swan Recipes:

1. Dry roasted warm.

2. Cold in a pie with its accompaniments/ the feathers arranged over the pie.

3. Roasted and let become cold.

4. On the other hand the swan roasted. Prepare it/ and pluck it 
except for the wings/ tail and neck/ pull the skin off of it/ stuff 
it/ and let it become dry in an oven/ Take the swan/ and stick it on 
a spit/ take an instrument/ that is made nicely smooth from iron/ 
stick it through both bones/ and look/ that the instrument and the 
soles are nicely wide/ that also three or four holes are made in it. 
And when the swan is roasted/ so you can in place on a clean round 
board/ that is nicely cleanly turned (on a lathe)/ Nail it with clean 
white nails/ and let it stay like this/ until it becomes cold/ when 
it is cold/ then it becomes stiff and hard/ that makes the 
instrument/ Dress it on the other hand the head/ neck/ wings/ and 
tail/ and when it is prepares/ then set it on a dish or silver/ pour 
a jellied broth/ that is boiled from clean feet/ over it/ and that 
you take nothing to it/ but cinnamon and saffron/ enough/ that 
strongly tastes/ and make it well sweet/ that no other material comes 
to it/ than vinegar and wine.  Then when you have clarified it/ so it 
becomes good and well tasting.  Pour then in the dish/ that the swan 
stands in/ let it become nicely cold/ and congeal/ so it becomes a 
beautiful aspic/ give the roasted swan a beautiful adornment/ it is 
lovely and beautiful for a show-food (subtlety).  You may gild or 
silver it/ or adorn as you will.

(The swan is roasted and served standing on the bed of aspic, 
presumably looking as if it was alive.  Except for the roasted body).


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