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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Jan 21 16:34:14 PST 2013

Jim  Chevallier replied to me with:
<<< I certainly would have looked in the Florilegium had I seriously been  
looking. It is immensely valuable and was very useful to me long before I (just  
recently) joined this list.

Ironically enough, we are just now having a discussion of irony on-line on  
another list. Since two people now have interpreted my *boutade* as a call 
for a  recipe, let me rather ponderously explain that I was in fact assuming 
MANY  people here know recipes for swan, and so this would be the first 
place to look  for suspects in this rather strange series of theft/murders. >>>

My apologies, Jim.

I replied to your first message before I had seen your later message. Since I get the list in digest form, I often look at a single digest and reply immediately, rather than reading ahead and then trying to remember to reply to a past message. 

Yes, my first thought was that you might be kidding, but we have had and probably still do have, folks of all experience levels on this list. We have folks that have been professional cooks, others who are published cookbook authors and researchers and people who have cooked multiple, often large, complex feasts. On the other hand, we have folks that are brand new to medieval cooking or even new to cooking at all, as I was when I joined this list some 15? years ago.

So, along with perhaps trying to be overly helpful when I think I can, I was loathe to assume you, and everyone else on this list, was aware of the peacock recipes that might be available.  In addition, the peacock-msg file, which I didn't mention, has a lot of interesting stories of presenting (and eating peacocks as you highlight) in the SCA and period. Even in period it appears to be not uncommon to cover a better tasting bird with a peacock's skin and feathers for decoration. :-)

And thank you for the additional swan recipe. That was one I didn't have and I will add it to the exotic-measts-msg file in its next update. And thank you for the compliment on the Florilegium. It is nice to know that it is still useful.


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