[Sca-cooks] Menestral - medieval food links (French)

JIMCHEVAL at aol.com JIMCHEVAL at aol.com
Sat Jan 26 10:33:11 PST 2013

Menestral is a site which in general offers numerous links and  
bibliographic information on various aspects of the medieval period. It tends to  be in 
French, since the assumption seems to be that the same information is more  
widely available for English. Still the section on Food at least has an 
intro in  English:
I haven't found much new here, but that's only because I've been  
researching this for a while. The site in fact lists several articles which it  took 
me a while to find on my own.
Jim  Chevallier

Newly translated from Pierre Jean-Baptiste  Le Grand d'Aussy:
Eggs, Cheese and Butter in Old Regime  France

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