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OED has:


 a. A meal or social entertainment at which tea is served; esp. an ordinary afternoon or evening meal, at which the usual beverage is tea (but sometimes cocoa, chocolate, coffee, or other substitute). Now usu. a light meal in the late afternoon, but locally in the U.K. (esp. northern), and in Australia and N.Z., a cooked evening meal; in Jamaica, the first meal of the day. high tea, meat tea: see high adj. and n.2 Special uses 2, meat n. Compounds 2 tea and turn-out: see turn-out n. 7b.
1738   Swift Compl. Coll. Genteel Conversat. p. ii,   Whether they meet..at Meals, Tea, or Visits.
1778   F. Burney Evelina I. xxvi. 213,   I was relieved by a summons to tea.
1789   J. Wesley Wks. (1872) IV. 453   At breakfast and at tea, on these two days, I met all the Society.

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On 1/28/13 7:24 PM, Johnna Holloway wrote:
> Tea shows up right on the boundary line.
> According to OED-
> the plant
> [1598   W. Phillip tr. J. H. van Linschoten [Disc. Voy. E. & W. Indies  i. xxvi. 46/1]   The aforesaid warme water is made with the powder of a certaine hearbe called Chaa.]
> the drink
> [1601   R. Johnson tr. G. Botero [Travellers Breviat  (1603) 216]   Water mixt with a certaine precious powder which they [the Japanese] use, they account a daintie beverage: they call it Chia.
That's the word "tea." But it's describing its use outside of Europe, so
it isn't evidence that tea was being drunk in Europe by 1600.
> Tea as "A meal or social entertainment at which tea is served" is mid 18th century."
Source? The traditional story  makes it 19th century, and I don't have
my OED ready to hand.


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