[Sca-cooks] Queens Tea

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Wed Jan 30 04:34:59 PST 2013

So outside of complaining about the common use of the phrase "Queen's Tea"
for a light sideboard hosted by the Queen... has anyone actually answered
the querent's question about things to serve? I saw one message asking for
more information about the circumstances of the event where the repast is to
be served but nothing else that the hosting cook could use as solid
information. Since Sarah Beth just stepped down as my baroness, I think I
know which event she is referring to so I'm fairly certain this will be held
outdoors at (essentially) a one-day high-pageantry event.

I praised the knowledge and helpfulness of the members of this list to Sarah
Beth and encouraged her to join - please don't make me have to hang my head
the next time I see her in person.*

*Yes, yes, a guilt play. I've been slaving over Things Heraldic for the last
couple of days and just finished a 12-hour session of research, otherwise
I'd jump to it and start searching my recipes for her myself. But first I
absolutely have to get some sleep. So while ya'll are awake, please someone
chime in with some ideas. Pretty please?

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