[Sca-cooks] Queens Tea

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Jan 30 06:06:51 PST 2013

I asked all those questions within an hour of the initial query because I think the chosen recipes
and menu depend largely upon the setting, circumstances, and budget. Is it for 12 people or 30?
$100 budget or $50? Transported over 100 miles or just down the street?

I can suggest all sorts of things and they could be highly inappropriate for this event which means my
suggesting them would just be a waste of time. 

Is it to be a meal or a light repast? Cakes and ice tea or hot tea or is it something more akin to a modern cocktail
party where as someone else suggested "They cared as much about the booze as they do about the food. Have good
drinks and plenty of them." 

For instance, for the Fourth Annual Tournament of the Rose held in early June 2002, I prepared
a selection of conceits and delights that included A Jelly of Strawberries, A Summer Dishe, A Cream; Sugar Cakes, Shortbreads, Wafers, Letter Cookies;  Spiced (Dutch Taai-Taai) Cookies; A Great Cake; Sugarpaste and Marchepane Roses; Candies of Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Blood Orange Peel, Lemon Slices and Orange Segments, Blood Oranges Candied and Dried, Candied Citron, candy of lemon, candy made of oranges, tamarind candy and melon candy; Apples cut into sticks, Candied and Preserved;  Apricot Paste cut into Diamonds and Squares; Rose Preserves; Quince Jam; Marmalade; Sugar Candy Crystals and Comfits; Dried Fruits of Apricots, Cherries, Currants, Dates, Raisins, Figs, and Almonds; and lastly Fresh Fruits of Strawberries, Cherries, Grapes, and Watermelon.

Is this what she wants?


On Jan 30, 2013, at 7:34 AM, Terri Morgan wrote:

> So outside of complaining about the common use of the phrase "Queen's Tea"
> for a light sideboard hosted by the Queen... has anyone actually answered
> the querent's question about things to serve? I saw one message asking for
> more information about the circumstances of the event where the repast is to
> be served but nothing else that the hosting cook could use as solid
> information. Since Sarah Beth just stepped down as my baroness, I think I
> know which event she is referring to so I'm fairly certain this will be held
> outdoors at (essentially) a one-day high-pageantry event.
> I praised the knowledge and helpfulness of the members of this list to Sarah
> Beth and encouraged her to join - please don't make me have to hang my head
> the next time I see her in person.*
> Hrothny
> *Yes, yes, a guilt play. I've been slaving over Things Heraldic for the last
> couple of days and just finished a 12-hour session of research, otherwise
> I'd jump to it and start searching my recipes for her myself. But first I
> absolutely have to get some sleep. So while ya'll are awake, please someone
> chime in with some ideas. Pretty please?

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