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Thank you for your input...all your questions are certainly a good place for me to start. I have to contact Her Highness and get some answers. Thanks for giving me direction!
Sarah Beth

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>Depends on large part--
>how many,
>setting (how rustic or facilities are available? Do you provide and transport everything from linens to tables plus the food?),
>anticipated schedule (late in afternoon or lunchtime?)
>budget (who pays?),
>distance to transport everything,
>royal preferences?
>weather during that time of year and what happens if it rains?
>Once you know those things, then you can talk about the menu.
>On Jan 27, 2013, at 7:50 PM, sassyredhead wrote:
>> I will be hosting my first Queens Tea in April. I am looking for some ideas...what have you done for a Tea...what worked what didn't...period foods...elegant foods...mixture of foods?  All ideas welcome!
>> Baroness Sarah Beth
>> Atlantia
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