[Sca-cooks] Officially serving modern food at SCA events

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Wed Jan 30 23:16:45 PST 2013

I don't think that was what I said, or certainly what I meant. If you 
refuse to attend an event because there is no alcohol allowed, there is 
a problem. The problem may be that the breadth of the experience 
available in the SCA have not been made evident or available to you, and 
you don't know of all of the things you can do that are fun, enjoyable, 
etc, that don't involve drinking anything, booze or not. Or it might be 
something else.

I'm not suggesting that you or your friends are drunkards. Or that it is 
wrong to enjoy wine with dinner. Do you always have wine with dinner? Do 
you sometimes go without? Do you avoid a restaurant solely because it 
doesn't serve wine? I hit our local brewpub frequently. I also hit the 
local drivein, which does not serve alcohol.

The problem is when the question is only binary- if the presence of 
alcohol is the sole factor in whether one goes to an event or not.

  I had a whole household throw a hissy fit over a dry site. It was a 
good site, one of the few available in the area, and it was a county 
park that was used as a Boy Scout camp. Rather than support the branch 
(first heavy tourney in years, and we needed the money) and finding that 
I wouldn't tell them it was ok to violate the county's ban anyway, they 
boycotted. People still came, we had a really good time (the kitchen 
crew was still singing the next morning), and we made money. But I was 
appalled. Still am.

BTW, I'm skipping an event- a fairly major feast- in a neighboring 
Barony in two weeks- not because of an alcohol policy, but because I am 
observing Lent (which @#$%^@ is early this year) and there's really no 
point in my being there. I can't be eating what is served, and my 
abstention apparently makes people uncomfortable. So I'm staying home Or 
I could have to work, or I might not be able to afford it, or I might be 
out of town or have homework or I might just not feel like going. But 
I've never skipped an event because it was a dry or wet site. It only 
changes what bottle I slip into the day basket.

Liutgard, who thanks God that the Lenten rules changed sometime in the 
mid 8th c, and she can have beer or wine. Beer makes Lent bearable.

On 1/30/2013 4:56 PM, Sayyeda al-Kaslaania wrote:
> I'm disappointed in the creation of a dichotomy in these statements-- 
> those of us who consume alcohol are not out to be blind drunkards at 
> events. I enjoy events where I can enjoy wine with dinner. It is part 
> of the fun I have with friends that I get to see when I travel. This 
> is especially true where many folks bring their home made goods. 
> Please don't vilify us for wanting an experience you don't want.
> Sayyeda al-Kaslaania
> On 1/30/2013 10:01 AM, Laura C. Minnick wrote:
>> I encountered this problem a couple of times as an autocrat, and 
>> really, if you can't go without booze for a few hours, YOU HAVE A 
>> PROBLEM. And as far as I'm concerned, it should not be my problem.
>> Liutgard, up to early and not happy about it.
>> On 1/30/2013 6:08 AM, Kathleen Roberts wrote:
>>> Some people don't attend an event because they can't drink at the 
>>> event.  Forget the good food, forget the fun, just stay home because 
>>> you can't have a beer.
>>> Don't get me wrong, I drink.  I enjoy my Scotch et. al.  But I can 
>>> surely stand to be at an event for four to five hours without a 
>>> drink in my hand.
>>> YMMV
>>> Cailte
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