[Scriptoris] Scrolls and Charters--why?

lisabetta lisabetta at houston.rr.com
Thu Sep 11 12:47:45 PDT 2003


Come to my region :) 
our guild members in the coastal region spend more time and effort 
on AOA's . For they know that for most it is the only award they 
will receive. It can also be the award that gets them really moving 
in the sca. 

Many of them also work on creating event invitations, and orginal 
and master prize scrolls. 

Most are also working on an orginal master for my challange I ussed 
last year. With more fancy for the lower level awards. 

CR scribe

> I know it is common thinking that the higher the award the more 
elaborate the
>scroll and that AoAs are simple, easy and can and should be whipped 
out in
>as little as an hour since they are not that *important*.  But perhaps 
>should keep in mind that that pre-printed, painted scroll is all 
you get
>with an Award of Arms and that for  most folks that is the only Kingdom
>award they will ever receive.
>Just some thoughts from 'only a painter'
>I remain 
>In Service
>Northkeep Scribal Guild
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