[Scriptoris] Scanning Large Images?

Childers, Jeff Jeff.Childers at ttuhsc.edu
Mon Nov 16 09:10:45 PST 2009

Scanners usually are the failing point in a operation such as this.
Retail brand scanners can be purchased and not be adjusted correctly out
of the box. You can troubleshoot this pretty easily cut a 3in square
piece of graph paper scan it in all four corners and see if they will
piece together. If the 4 scans will not match up the scanner is out of
adjustment and you won't be able to match them. 

As mentioned before pagination of a document is impossible if you use
the "smart" features from over the counter scanners. 

The scanned piece must also be absolutely flat. Meaning since it is
larger than the scanner bed you are more than likely scanning with the
cover up... lay a book on top of the copy to be scanned. 

Beware of the edges if they are off the glass the will shrink minutely
and you will wonder why it isn't lining up.

Quality scanning is a art and a science.

Good Luck,
Garreth Silverthane

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