[Spit-project] A link to the woodcut and some folk being period

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Tue Apr 10 17:53:59 PDT 2007

*       This link was sent to me as an example of how they use
*       the Scappi spit.
*       http://goldenlyon.org/campkitchen.html
*       I don't quite like their design with just the pegs instead
*       of the hooks of Scappi. But I do like the square spits instead
*       of round.
*       Also, another here is much bigger and used to roast a whole pig.
*       http://meisterin.katarina.home.comcast.net/pennsic30.html
*       She says it is bolted together at the tip with wingnuts which is
*       what I was thinking of doing.
*       Any ideas?


I will see if I can find the pictures of the spit that I have in Ansteorra
that I use as well as the improved version a friend of mine from the Middle
made for me that now lives at Pennsic for us to use there. The one I keep at
home was made by Master Eisen and the improved one was made by HL
Silverthorn from the Cleftlands, both of which are blacksmiths by trade.


I've not done a whole pig on it yet, but I've done more than 200lbs of meat
on it while doing ~15 gallons of soup.


I've used the one here in Ansteorra for several events in Bryn Gwlad
including cooking a baronial luncheon and the feast at last years baronial
champion almost completely on it.


Unfortunately I'm currently traveling for the next 6 weeks, so I'm not sure
when I'll be able to look for the different pictures.






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