[Spit-project] A link to the woodcut and some folk being period

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 11 09:19:24 PDT 2007

>The one I keep at
>home was made by Master Eisen and the improved one was made by HL
>Silverthorn from the Cleftlands, both of which are blacksmiths by trade.

Yeah. Someone mentioned blacksmiths and I did the V-8 forehead punch.
I coulda had a blacksmith! But I think we have more welders than
blacksmiths on the group so we can look at all possiblities.

Is there any time the Dallas area folk would like to get together and
talk about stuff?

What kind of metal are we looking to use? How much? Costs?
These are questions poor little non-metal inspired me don't have the
answer to.

I like that big trivet with the little spits the cauldron is sitting on in 

Elizabeth and I are also thinking of getting a couple of potjies because
they look more period than dutch ovens.

C'mon people! You are the experts here. I'm just the pin in the butt.

>I've not done a whole pig on it yet, but I've done more than 200lbs of meat
>on it while doing ~15 gallons of soup.


When Sara, Alys and I lived in Black Oak Keep, Alys had a huge cauldron
that we used to make soup and such for Championship feasts. We could
feed 60 people easily from it.

>Unfortunately I'm currently traveling for the next 6 weeks, so I'm not sure
>when I'll be able to look for the different pictures.


I spoke with Sir Alexis this weekend and he is looking at creating a
semi-perminent encampment and wanted to have some ideas for
a kitchen.  I'm thinking brick oven fireplace, hearth with spits and
level adjusters and a long stove with holes for pans and such as
seen in the Hampton Court kitchens.


Thanks, Pug. And welcome to the list.



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