[Spit-project] Pug's pictures

Virginia Gatling ginlee at cnbcom.net
Wed Apr 18 13:34:45 PDT 2007

> Perhaps keeping it well oiled with olive oil would keep it from rusting, 
> but, then, you would need to have a way to transport or store it so it 
> wouldn't affect other objects right next to it.  I was thining of making a 
> thin plywood box for mine.  Or else buying a cheap king sized sheet to 
> wrap it up in.

Over the years I've used various methods to keep my items from rusting. I 
try to "cure" my pieces like I did my cast iron I use at home. I used a hot 
fire outside for big pieces and I used the oven inside for my utensils and 
smaller pieces. I try to clean everything and put them over the fire to dry 
before leaving an event then wipe down with an oiled cloth. Most pieces stay 
rust free especially the ones used the most. I have a box for the utensils 
and small pieces. I've made heavy duty bags to carry the rest but they seem 
not to be used all the time. I also have pieces that were never cured and I 
just clean them and put over a fire to clean the rust then oil them down and 
repeat the process until they are clean and rust free.

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