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Helen Schultz meisterin02 at yahoo.com
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OK, I have posted the images of my new raised firebed and of Gunthar's efforts in afolder labeled "Open Fire Cooking at Pennsic."  Gunthar and anyone else, if you have photos from Pennsic, please feel free to add them to the folder... it is open to anyone to post.
  I did learn a few things about my new raised firebed... it needs to be covered at night and especially if it will rain... wet sand makes it really difficult to start a fire later <sigh>. Also, don't leave it with someone who isn't a pyromaniac who watches a fire like I do... burning firewood dropped onto the boards and there are now some large burned spots on both the long edges <another sigh>...of course, the person who was supposed to be watching the fire while I was away claims that there should have been a metal lip over said wood, and says he will make me a new metal insert for next Pennsic.  And, lastly, I think I need a smaller raised firepit beside to burn the wood so I can then put coals on the firebed... not to mention telling a well-intentioned friend that he has no idea at all how to build a cooking fire <sigh>.

  I was very pleased with how the lamb turned out... even though it was started way too late in the day (we ended up eating it at nearly 10:30pm!!).  I'd found a mix of herbs for grilling and added them to some spicy mustard.  I'd inserted some garlic slivers and dried rosemary into the lamb before I wired it to the spit, and then spread on the rub.  We were able to eat only the outer inch or so of the meat, as the center wasn't done yet (my well-intentioned friend mentioned above wouldn't let me build up the fire enough... he is good at building a hot fire for heating his house, but not for cooking <grin>).  However, what we did eat that night was absolutely delicious.  The rest of the meat was put into a pot and cooked conventionally on the Coleman <sorry>.

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