[Spit-project] Looking at the Bayeux Tapestry...

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Good! It works for me. Let me know your ideas other than the ones already 
stated. I already have venison, some beef roasts, some whole fish caught two 
ago, and some sausages in the freezer for Three Kings along with homegrown 
vegges, garlic, and herbs that can also be used. I also plan on a large beef 
roast like the one at Steppes only bigger or maybe two depending on the 
number that will need to be fed. I think somewhere around 300 or more may 
need to be fed so all contributions and dishes will be accepted. Maybe a 
dessert contest with the populace bring the sweets. I will be getting 
together with the autocrats a little closer to the event to see what we can 
& cannot do. There is plenty of cut wood here but I'm sure going to need 
help getting it to site. If others are interested in joining this venture 
speak up. It's going to be fun. I'd like to see the "kitchen" working with 
several fires going. A group of Bakers, a group of meat cookers, a group 
doing the stews & vegges then a group doing special items all in as period 
as possible.(new spit will be there) I also will have back up cooking 
methods in a hid-a-way if necessary. What do you think? To ambitious.
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> >I need to get with you on what & who you are planning to feed at Three
>>Kings. I don't want us to be trying to feed the same people for the same
> I figured we'd be working together on this. I'm just getting ideas to
> work over with you guys.
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