[Spit-project] Bayeux Tapestry dinner

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 10 11:10:11 PDT 2007

>Good! It works for me. Let me know your ideas other than the ones already

Well, I figure we can work on stuff together. One of my problems
is that I can design the dinner and come up with the recipes and
even get stuff organized but I won't be able to do a lot of the
cooking because I'm sure I'll be needed on the battlefield.

So I'll need to work with you and Elizabeth and Gwyneth and anyone
else who shows to actually do everything. That is so annoying. Not
that I don't trust all of you guys totally, in fact I'm just a small part
of the whole thing. But it's annoying that I can't hang out and play
with you guys which sounds more fun than bashing in skulls.

>I already have venison, some beef roasts, some whole fish caught two
>ago, and some sausages in the freezer for Three Kings along with homegrown
>vegges, garlic, and herbs that can also be used. I also plan on a large 
>roast like the one at Steppes only bigger or maybe two depending on the
>number that will need to be fed.

Let's check out grocery lists and see what we can do. I'm doing research
now on the eating habits of 11th Century Normans and Anglo-Saxons as
well as the Danes the Normans are based on. I think I can come up with
a fairl decent reproduction of the dinner. Or at least something the
diners would recognize.

>I think somewhere around 300 or more may
>need to be fed so all contributions and dishes will be accepted.

I wasn't expecting to feed that many. Especially on that site. I was
just thinking of feeding William's warband and that being around 60
or so. Not a lot of people hang around for dinner and such at Three
Kings. The weather is often wretched.

We'll need to get some kind of huge tent for the diners if possible.

Elizabeth and I are going to try to go as period as possible. We're getting
a nice Norman/Anglo-Saxon outfit made and have even been poking
around with the thought of a wedge tent for early period stuff.
If anyone is interested in getting some nice 11th Cent clothes, talk
to Amalia since we have been playing with ideas.

>I will be getting
>together with the autocrats a little closer to the event to see what we can
>& cannot do.

Yeah. It will suck if we make all these plans and then can't have campfires.

>I'd like to see the "kitchen" working with
>several fires going. A group of Bakers, a group of meat cookers, a group
>doing the stews & vegges then a group doing special items all in as period
>as possible.(new spit will be there)

We need to know who will be there that wants to help. I figure all
the baking will be done off-site. Stews can be done early and just
warm in ashes. The meats will take a while and will require the most
hands on attention. 10 people should be able to produce the feast
without killing themselves.

>What do you think? To ambitious.

Maybe just a little.  :-D


Let's tawk.



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