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Actually, the chicken and bread were done in a skillet. The chicken is a
medieval middle eastern dish with almond milk, prunes and dates,
thickened with bread crumbs. And the Pan de Campo is the state bread of
Texas! It's made with rapid rising yeast, allowed to sit in the 'fridge
at least 3 hours (or up to 3 days, which makes it ideal for camping),
formed into thin flat patties (like a tortilla) and quickly grilled in a
greased skillet until brown and almost charred. They puff up a little.
Yummy!! Especially with butter and honey.

My friend roasted a chicken and made a nectarine pie with shortbread
crust, both of which turned out perfectly. She put both items on a rack
in the dutch oven, and the bottoms didn't get overly browned.

The hinges were pre-made I think. My husband said he thought they were
piano hinges, anyhow they are long, the entire length of the fire pan.
They are riveted into place.


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Subject: [Spit-Project] Portable hearth test

>I fired up my new portable hearth yesterday and it performed
splendidly. The open shape allowed for a good fire with lots of coals
for dutch oven
cooking. I did a saut?ed  and simmered chicken dish (Chicken Ambrogino)
and it worked out well, as I could move the embers where I needed them
and move the pan away from the fire completely. I also did pan de campo
(a griddle bread) and that worked fine too.

Congratualtions!  I saw the pictures and it looks like a sweet set-up.
I take it the Chicken Ambrogino was done in a dutch oven?  Was the Pan
de Camp done in a dutch oven as well?  Do you have any problems with
your breads getting to dry in the dutch oven?  I am still new at it so I
probably just need more practice but it seemed like the spice cake I
made went for still gooey in the middle to almost too dry in just a
really short time.  Does anyone have any tips for that?
And pardon my ignorance but what is in Chicken Ambrogino? 

>Set up and take down went fine, though I need a little more practice to
up to speed. I just brushed the ashes out with a whisk broom into a

Sweet!  Talk about easy clean up.   

>Because we were cooking on my concrete driveway, I wasn?t able to use
my spit (nothing to pound it into), but I?m aiming for trying it out at
event at the end of the month.
Have fun!  Hope we get to hear about it!
Except for a slight discoloration due to heat, the firepit was none the
worse for wear. Hinges worked fine and there was no ?leakage? of ash
onto the ground below.

 So were the hinges custom made or riveted on or how does that work?  I
couldn't really tell from the picture.  That's great that they are
working well.

Fa'rissa of the Outlands

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