[Spit-Project] Portable hearth test

Rosalyn Johnson rjohnson at cfsa.org
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I know what you mean about the rebar. Mine is long enough, but my grill
is also made of rebar and is therefore very heavy. I haven't tried
putting an iron kettle on it yet, and I'm fearful of what might happen.
I'm looking at some heavier rebar for the grill supports.

I think that places like Home Depot will cut it for you. It takes a
specialized tool to do it. A coworker at my job has one and has cut
rebar for me before. Then you could just file the edges smooth with a
metal file.


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I have #3 and love it.  It's set up in the backyard right now.  I'm
taking a
break from pavilion sewing at the moment and will try to get some
photo's so
they can be compared with Miriam's.  My only issue is completely on my
I need to find longer lengths of rebar to hold my grill surface above
fire.  Four feet isn't quite long enough and the next size up the one
I shopped was eight feet in length.

I'm not sure what the differences are between mine and Miriams but mine
the first one with a top cross-bar.

Mine and Guthar's (I believe) will be at Pennsic if anyone wants to take
look at one in action and examine it up close.

Eibhlin, now Atlantian but always a Westie!

On 7/30/07, Rosalyn Johnson <rjohnson at cfsa.org> wrote:
> It was custom built by a blacksmith here in the West by the name of
> Crimson. He makes them to order. If you are interested, he can be
> at crimsonkil at lycos.com. Mine is the fifth one he has done.
> Miriam
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