[Spit-project] Pennsic project?

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed May 2 08:15:50 PDT 2007

>I'm thinking rivets would be the best bet for holding
>the hooks on.

The blacksmith I spoke with at Scarborough also had the same

>But, for starters, how big are you wanting it, and how much weight do
>you expect it to handle? You said you wanted it smaller than the one
>we saw a picture of, so I need a height and width.

Not too big. I'm thinking 4 foot high with whatever is stable for wide.
Perhaps three feet? Any geometry gurus on here?

Not a lot of weight on the crossbar. Just a couple of iron pots.
Probably no more than 50 lbs max.

The side spits should be able to hold 4 spits with a couple of 5 lb chickens
or so. Just as a ballpark. You are on here and I'm sure you have some
idea on what would go into this.

Like I said, some of the other spits I've noticed have seemed to be too high
for my taste. But I haven't done that much so they may know better than me.

I think Scappi also has a good idea on the ends of the legs going out into
flanged feet. That way it is much easier to push the legs into the ground.

>and it would be a good project to involve my
>apprentices in.

See? A win for everybody!

>Likely, though, a couple afternoons will be needed, at least,
>considering how long it takes to get people in one spot and organized.

Well, I'm usually very busy at Pennsic but I can spare some time when
I don't have to be on the field. And we aren't camping with the Kingdom
so I won't have any Court duties or anything like that to worry about.
I also don't think I'll be doing the Pennsic Chili Night so I'm free from 

>Saint Phlip



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