[Spit-project] Pennsic project?

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Wed May 2 08:47:45 PDT 2007

On 5/2/07, Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >I'm thinking rivets would be the best bet for holding
> >the hooks on.
> The blacksmith I spoke with at Scarborough also had the same
> thought.
> >But, for starters, how big are you wanting it, and how much weight do
> >you expect it to handle? You said you wanted it smaller than the one
> >we saw a picture of, so I need a height and width.
> Not too big. I'm thinking 4 foot high with whatever is stable for wide.
> Perhaps three feet? Any geometry gurus on here?

OK, if you want it 4 ft high, then we can use a 3-4-5 triangle tp work
from- which means the base would be 6 ft wide, and the uprights wouls
have to be 5 ft long, which means 6 ft pieces of stock, 4 of them
(thinking as I'm typing).

Alternatively, we could use a 5-12-13 triangle which would make it 4
ft high, 3 1/2 ft wide, and the stock would be  (roughly) 5 ft long.

Gunthar- to see what I'm talking about, cut some strips of paper,
maybe 1/2" wide. You want 0ne 13 inches long, 1 12 inches long, 2 5
inches long, one 4 inches long, and one 3 inches long. Form them into
triangles, one of the 5-12-13 pieces, one of the 3-4-5 pieces. Use the
short pieces of each for the base, the medium pieces for the upright,
and the long pieces for the hypoteneuse. Orient them in the same
direction- that gives you the rough configuration of one half of the
spit contraption, viewed end on.

I'm asking you to do this, because this will give you a rough idea of
the configuration. In period, they were quite aware of these
relationships (Pythagorean theorem was well known) and most likely
would have used them.

Tell me which you prefer- I think either will work.

> Not a lot of weight on the crossbar. Just a couple of iron pots.
> Probably no more than 50 lbs max.

Better think about that. Iron pots filled are lots heavier than empty.
What volume are you wanting in them? Water weighs 8.34 lbs/gallon.

> The side spits should be able to hold 4 spits with a couple of 5 lb chickens
> or so. Just as a ballpark. You are on here and I'm sure you have some
> idea on what would go into this.

Also need an idea of the length you want of the spits.

> Like I said, some of the other spits I've noticed have seemed to be too high
> for my taste. But I haven't done that much so they may know better than me.
> I think Scappi also has a good idea on the ends of the legs going out into
> flanged feet. That way it is much easier to push the legs into the ground.

Can modify things for a step in piece, if that's what you want. Looks like:


Slight twiddling in situ, and I can get the angles right.

> >and it would be a good project to involve my
> >apprentices in.
> See? A win for everybody!
> >Likely, though, a couple afternoons will be needed, at least,
> >considering how long it takes to get people in one spot and organized.
> Well, I'm usually very busy at Pennsic but I can spare some time when
> I don't have to be on the field. And we aren't camping with the Kingdom
> so I won't have any Court duties or anything like that to worry about.
> I also don't think I'll be doing the Pennsic Chili Night so I'm free from
> that.
> >Saint Phlip
> Yers,
> Gunthar

Which battles are you wanting to do? We can work around them, with
warning. I need some daylight- hard to shape steel accurately by

Saint Phlip

Heat it up
Hit it hard
Repent as necessary.


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