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Fri May 11 09:42:52 PDT 2007

  I could swear I sent another note saying that your site was exactly the one I was thinking about, and that I must have just spaced completely when Johnnae posted it last night.  It was what has inspired me to want to do a feast using only period crockery (well and maybe some modern cast iron <sheepish grin>), but it doesn't appear to have been sent for some reason.  Perhaps because of my grogginess??
  Anyway, any tips for me for this year??  My other cooking camp-mate from Maine and I want to do up a feast for about 20 people this year in our camp... now, I do have that big spit so we will also have at last a couple chickens and maybe even a leg of lamb to add to whatever we cook in the pots.  I also have some really nice adapted plans for a raised fire pit from Messire Matthew Baker (who I have asked several times to post to the Yahoo site) on one his group in Jersey, England, found in Jorvik (York), England.
  Also, my camp-mate's young son (now 12, and who came to Pennsic last year for his first time... and swore he would to every year now for the REST of his life <grin>) has decided to go for a scouting badge on cooking, so don't know if he will be adventurous enough to use the firepit or our propane cook stove in the back of the camp.  
  I'll take photos of it all, I promise.


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