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Honestly, I'm not the one to ask. I was busy, so I provided the site,
and Christianna supervised the cooking.

I would suggest, though, that you use a fire ring like the one in the
picture. It gives you a level serface to put your pottery dishes on.
If you try to put them on a grill or a grate, they tend to heat
unevenly and crack (thermal expansion rates). Nestling them in the
ashes and coals seems to work better.

On 5/11/07, Helen Schultz <meisterin02 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Phlip:
>  I could swear I sent another note saying that your site was exactly the one I was thinking about, and that I must have just spaced completely when Johnnae posted it last night.  It was what has inspired me to want to do a feast using only period crockery (well and maybe some modern cast iron <sheepish grin>), but it doesn't appear to have been sent for some reason.  Perhaps because of my grogginess??
>  Anyway, any tips for me for this year??  My other cooking camp-mate from Maine and I want to do up a feast for about 20 people this year in our camp... now, I do have that big spit so we will also have at last a couple chickens and maybe even a leg of lamb to add to whatever we cook in the pots.  I also have some really nice adapted plans for a raised fire pit from Messire Matthew Baker (who I have asked several times to post to the Yahoo site) on one his group in Jersey, England, found in Jorvik (York), England.
>  Also, my camp-mate's young son (now 12, and who came to Pennsic last year for his first time... and swore he would to every year now for the REST of his life <grin>) has decided to go for a scouting badge on cooking, so don't know if he will be adventurous enough to use the firepit or our propane cook stove in the back of the camp.
>  I'll take photos of it all, I promise.
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