[Spit-project] cooking rehearsal

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon May 14 13:45:22 PDT 2007

>We are going to be home this weekend and next weekend. I am
>pulling out my set-up to make sure I have everything etc. I have some
>venison that can be cooked on a fire.

Sorry I didn't make it out there this weekend. Baroness Alys had her
Bachelor's graduation that we attended.

>You can also get your ferret fix.

I need a ferret fix and Elizabeth has never really got to experience true
ferretism. Other than me, that is.

>I'm cooking meat at Warlord, a pot dish and bread. You can share the fire
>stuff then if I know ahead of time what you will need as to space and fire.

Will you be there on Sunday? I was thinking of taking advantage of your
hospitality and testing out the recipes then and then serving dinner to
our camp with the results.

Basically try the buried Game Hens, spinning chickens, spitted duckling
and maybe a chykn y'stewd. Venison is good....

Or this Sunday would be good as well. Ferrets, cooking, experimentation.

>Wood, I'm splitting now and I know how much I will need but would need
>more if you shared the fire etc. I use oak and pecan wood.

And I could bring out a couple of stacks as well as a couple bags of

>  Let me know when is a good day for you.

How does either of these sound?


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