[Spit-project] King's College class Test Pt 1 (long)

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon May 21 13:57:00 PDT 2007

>Hey, Gunther... you promised photos in the Yahoo! photos section... you
>are slow (just kidding)...

Not slow. Lazy. Elizabeth and Regina will be loading the photos into the
folder later. Regina is figuring it out and Elizabeth is down with a migrane
so it may be a couple of days.

>They did have mustard, but would they have thought to have used it
>with salt as a paste??

Well, as was mentioned, they didn't use a salt crust per se. I know the
use of this goes back to early China but I haven't seen any mention
of a similar use in Europe. It WAS common to make a thick hard pastry
crust and use that as a baking vegetable. Often the gravy soaked crusts
would be given to the poor that gathered at the back of the manor.

Going way off topic, there is an old description of a glutton being called
a "trencherman". This refers to someone who was so greedy he would
eat the soaked trenchers instead of giving them to the poor.

>   ~~ Katarina Helene


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