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Chass charinthalis at sbcglobal.net
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Lol beat ya to that already my lady. I took a welders apron and added to
it where it wraps around my legs and over the top of my feet and
attaches to the bottom of my chairs feet with Velcro. Got all those non
feeling areas covered. Thanky for the idea though... I used 10 oz
leather, and form fitted it with boiling method and made it into hard
leather on the feet section then double stitched it to the lap section.
We having to replace the hydraulic floor jack on my anvil though.... it
locked up.

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Reminds me, Chass. Tandy's having a sale on garment-type, light
leathers. Was thinking one of those hides might be convertable into
protection for your lap and legs. It was something like a full hide of
upholstery leather (pretty light weight, but quite adequate for
protection) for 79.99. 

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