[Spit-project] Introduction

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Wed May 23 09:52:14 PDT 2007

Reminds me, Chass. Tandy's having a sale on garment-type, light
leathers. Was thinking one of those hides might be convertable into
protection for your lap and legs. It was something like a full hide of
upholstery leather (pretty light weight, but quite adequate for
protection) for 79.99.

On 5/23/07, Chass <charinthalis at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Hailsa peeps.
>   I am Chass. I am a metal worker who is in a wheelchair. I have been
> told there have been several projects I may wish to try discussed on
> here lol. I am rebuilding my forge so I can use it from the chair. I am
> always looking for ideas for cooking and dressing up the encampment etc.
> Chass Brown A.K.A. Charinthalis Del Sans of the portable chariot.

Saint Phlip

Heat it up
Hit it hard
Repent as necessary.


It's the smith who makes the tools, not the tools which make the smith.

Blessed be the self-righteous, for they shall inherit themselves.

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