[Spit-project] Tarl n 'Stacia checking in

sandra goodrich tgnst at swbell.net
Wed May 23 10:53:51 PDT 2007

Greetings Kinfolk!  We've been here for a while, reading and drooling on pictures, :-) We hope to be more active as our schedule lets us... We want to build a spit to go with our tripod and big pots...Tarl made my tripod and stuff some years ago...  We've experimented in camp cooking over the fire for a quarter century or so, We both turn 50 next year, :-)  We do pot food, some grilling, smoking, cooking in coals and we've  even tried 'spit' roasting a small pig or two, :-)... 
  Tarl handles everything dealing with fire, forging and open fire cooking, but he seldom posts anything, that's included in my part of the job, :-)...'Stacia

Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:

Welcome to the list. I'd love other new folks to speak up
and introduce themselves as well. I just noticed that we
now have 69 subscribers. Not bad for a list that started out
as just a way to organize a get-together to build a spit




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