[Spit-Project] We got to use our new portable hearththis weekend.

Kathleen Madsen kathleenmadsen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 05:03:40 PDT 2007

I finally posted pictures of my Crimson setup, I don't know what else to
call it <G>.  It's on the Yahoo Groups Photos section and the album is
titled "Eibhlin's Cooking Setup (Crimson #3).  I've got photos of when we
first set it up and it's all shiny and new and I've got photos from just a
few minutes ago showing the patina that's developing.  You'll see that the
legs are kicked in under the fire box just as Miriam describes.  I have set
it up on the driveway in the past and it was quite stable but you do have to
wedge the legs under there and put tension across the top bar.  My husband,
Timothy, thought it was quite unstable at first until we got it figured out.

We had everyone over to our house for Labor Day and the family thought we
were nuts when we first started setting it up.  Once it was finished and we
were getting the fire lit they all thought it was better than the standard
grill set up, which they all had.


On 9/24/07, Rosalyn Johnson <rjohnson at cfsa.org> wrote:
> The trick to making it sturdy is to angle the tripods properly at either
> end. Crimson told me this when I picked it up. It should not feel rickety at
> all when set up, though it does kind of flail about like an iron octopus
> during the process.
> I will try to take some pictures of how my "ends" look. Essentially, once
> you have everything together, you lift each end of the fire pan gently, one
> at a time,  and sort of kick the two uprights that go through the fire pan
> so they angle forward somewhat. You don't want the "free" upright to be
> straight up and down, more at a slight angle. The resulting tripod base is
> not an equilateral triangle, but close to it.
> I hope to see Crimson this weekend at a workshop and may ask him for a set
> up lesson. I can take some pictures then as well.
> Miriam

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