[Spit-Project] We got to use our new portable hearththis weekend.

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 25 09:39:32 PDT 2007

> I finally posted pictures of my Crimson setup, You'll see that the legs are kicked in under the fire box just as Miriam describes. 
Those pictures really help. I think I see where I screwed up with my original setup. I think Crimson should include some kind of set-up instructions since I had to email him about a couple of items and still messed it up the first time. 
I see the end pieces all fit together at the top with the crossbar holder going through the loops. I had the crossbar and end pieces as seperate. This makes much more sense. Well, I'll get to try it again in a few weeks at Three Kings. Having an apartment sucks, I want a yard to set it up in and do some grilling for friends!
I also need to get a couple of spits made for the sides.
Thanks for the photos!
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